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Come join the team at Johnson Welded Products, Inc.!


We are looking to fill a number of positions:

  • General Labor

  • Machine Operators

  • Manual Welders - MIG or TIG

1st and 2nd shift openings!

  • Strong, Community-minded culture.

  • Competitive pay and benefits.

  • Clean, safe work environment.

  • Team based approach to challenges.

  • Top performers are recognized and rewarded.


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Air reservoirs, or air brake tanks, for heavy vehicle air brake systems have been the core products manufactured by JWP since 1970. Our customers include truck, truck trailer, bus, off-highway and RV original equipment manufacturers.


We rightfully call ourselves the air reservoir specialists. We understand the production requirements of OEM’s and can share our extensive experience in heavy duty air brake systems with design engineers.


  • JWP steel air reservoirs and aluminum air reservoirs are shipped globally and conform to both U.S. standards (SAE J10 and FMVSS), and European standards (CE and 286 EN).

  • Tooled for 100+ bracket designs.

  • Air tanks assembled to your specifications, production line ready.

  • In addition to air brake tanks, JWP manufactures other steel and aluminum tanks used on heavy vehicles, which include radiator surge tanks, ping tanks, and air dryer purge tanks

  • SAE

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification

  • ISO 14001:2015 Certification

  • CE

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